Deka Lake & District VFD

A message from Al Boyce, Fire Chief, Deka Lake & District
Volunteer Fire Department:

" You, the Community, need more Firefighters !!
We are volunteers, and not everyone is "on the site" and available all the time so it is very important that we have enough men on hand for all call-outs."

Please give this serious thought.

Phone the Firehall at 250 593-4522

It seems to us that there are several "R" words that could apply here !

Some would be obvious, but specifics would, of course, come from the Chief.

Requirements & Responsibilities:

There are definitely criteria, as in any responsible position. The specifics for Firefighters are mandated by the Fire Department and the CRD.


These would be a feeling of self worth with the knowledge that you are a vital part of the Community and a member in a fine group of men. The monetary rewards would certainly not allow you to retire in luxury !

Recognition & Respect:

Members of the community will recognize your commitment to the safety and well being of everyone, not to mention the fact that their insurance rates reflect your presence, and will give you the respect you so rightly deserve for making this choice.

Again, please give this serious thought. You may not feel you would qualify or may not feel you have enough time,
but you will never know unless you check it out.

Give your Chief a call !!